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Ryan Rau trainer

Join Hamburg Fitness Run Club coached by Ryan Rau, of Real Results Personal Training. Run Club is designed to help you enhance your running technique while avoiding injury. Whether you are a beginning runner or a seasoned athlete, Run Club is for you!

Drill work, form, static stretches, nutrition and bio-mechanics are just a few of the topics being addressed. Running videos of each individual will be taken with analysis through out the season.

Experience expert coaching from Ryan Rau, a Professional Ironman, Elite Triathlete & Runner with experience that ranges from coaching the Pinckney High School Cross Country Team to the University of Michigan Triathlon Team to athletes of all levels and abilities living from California to the United Kingdom.

Clinic Dates and Times:  Wednesdays 6:00 pm–7:15 pm • March 11th -October 2020.

Run Club:             

  • Will make running more fun, and enjoyable as a means to lose weight, get faster and build stamina with decreased (bad form)   injuries.
  • Is not only for runners, but also for athletes who want accountability to train their cardiovascular system, and a great workout each week to stay motivated.
  • Is a great time to socialize and build friendships while working out.
  • Will help you plan for your races and schedule your training.
  • Will teach essential drills to enhance proper bio-mechanics & good running form.
  • Will take videos of each individual and provide analysis throughout the season.
  • Will teach about pacing and racing strategies.
  • Will provide interval training for speed & stretching for flexibility.
  • Will teach you how to use your Heart Rate Monitor to set appropriate intensities for running training.
  • Will provide exercises to improve the strength of key running muscles.

Cost*:   Individual | $155  

              Couple | $300 (Additional Family Members $150 Each)

             * No additional charge for non-members

Spaces Limited.  Please register at the Hamburg Fitness Center 810-231-4169.

Contact Ryan: [email protected]