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Jim McKee

Fluid Being Personal Training


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My name is Jim McKee. In March of 2015 I formed my own company named Fluid Being. Fluid Being is my philosophy on training, why we should do it, what it is to move with minimal restriction and maximum accuracy. This philosophy utilizes the best traits from a wide variety of training methods to achieve this goal. Best of all, the Fluid Being approach to training can be modified for a wide variety of goals and help alleviate many different issues. From athletic performance to fitness, elite athletes to beginners and young children to seniors, this program has a place for you!

My experience as a performance coach began at Eastern Michigan University in 2007. As an intern and eventually a graduate assistant, I helped coach and develop programs for nearly every varsity sport and earned a master’s degree in exercise physiology. Afterwards, I headed the performance and fitness programs for Competitive Edge Skating in which I worked with athletes and fitness clients of all age and skill levels. Moving forward, I’ve made it my mission to share what I love with anyone looking to move and live better. Hope to see you soon!

Athlete Sports Performance Training

Fluid Being was born from the concept of developing athletes to move with maximum accuracy, confidence and minimal conscious effort. I believe the best way to achieve this is to focus on the receptive (afferent) and reflexive abilities of the nervous system. Utilizing the best traits from a wide variety of training disciplines and focusing on the needs of the individual, allows my athletes to constantly adapt and improve their performance in all stages of their athletic careers. Whether you’re a football player looking to put on muscle or a figure skater working to land bigger jumps, I can help you achieve your goals through training that works!

Adult Strength and Conditioning

Fluid Being is not limited to athletes. Shortly after I started training youth hockey players, multiple parents inquired about trying the training themselves and I now have adults who’ve trained with me for over 6 years. Many of the methods I use for athletes have proven just as effective and safe for the working class moms and dads of today. I’ve had the privilege of helping many adults improve their fitness, lose weight, get stronger, recover from injuries and live an overall healthier life. As with my athletes, this is a carefully monitored program and individual adjustments are made to make sure everyone is challenged safely. From beginners to seasoned fitness experts and former athletes, this program has a place for you!


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