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CompuTrainer Cycling Studio

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CompuTrainer Cycling Studio

Are you a cycling or triathlon enthusiast? Now you can ride your bike on courses all over the world, any time of the year without the hassle of weather, traffic, angry drivers and pot holes! Our CompuTrainer Studio offers rides with programmed routes of different events and races from around the globe. Pre-established workouts can be designed to challenge and improve a  cyclist’s specific training needs such as anaerobic and aerobic capacity, lactate and function threshold, VO2 max,  as well as cycling and pedal strike efficiency etc. The electronic load generator increases or decreases resistance while you cycle depending on what course you are riding and the variations in grade that are encountered. . Wattage (power output), average wattage, normalized power, speed, average speed, caloric energy expenditure and other statistics are derived from the technology used in Computrainers. Even if you’re not interested in all the facts and figures and want to come in for a ride, the studio is open to everyone and we anticipate you will enjoy the experience.

Menu of Services Include:
Orientation and Profile Establishment $35 (once this has been completed your first ride is free)
Open CompTrainer Rental-prices below
Individual and Group Coaching-Contact Ryan Rau
Bike Storage-see gym for fee and additional information

Drop in rate $10
12 Punch Card $100
1 Month Unlimited $100
3 month Unlimited $220

Drop in rate $15
12 punch card $120
Month Unlimited $120
3 month unlimited $250

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