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Healing Yoga Workshop

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Hamburg Fitness Yoga Chi Slow Flow

Combine Yoga poses and breathing to aid digestion and calm the mind.  Practice sequences that relieve a wide range of digestive discomfort. Combine deep breathing and stretches that target abdominal organs and twists that massage and wring out intestinal toxins.

The best part, better digestion means more energy!

No experience necessary! All are welcome! This studio is located on the second floor of our facility, and offers a personal experience for participants. The class is performed in a heated calming environment with relaxing music to sooth the body and mind. Mats, yoga blocks and straps are available. Wear comfortable clothing and bring water for proper hydration. Yoga pillow, blanket and mat are suggested.

Instructor: Dawn Gaden

Dawn is a Licensed Professional Counselor and life coach, certified in complementary medicine and wellness. She teaches mindfulness to her clients and gives a talk called “Be Mindful and Manage Your Stress”.

1 Day Workshop

$12 Members

$15 Non-Members

Dates TBD